Satisfaction and perception


Customers’ satisfaction and perception are important to a process of improving public services worldwide. A wide variety of public services comprise education, health care, safety, tourism, transportation and other infrastructure. In order to enhance the services, a series of surveys on service quality provided at the time have to be examined, at least annually. Such that problems occurring would be resolved immediately and an appropriate policy planning could be deliberated to serve residents more efficiently and effectively.


We aim to investigate satisfaction and perception of residents toward quality of public services provided by the local government of Phuket province.


A series of survey on quality of public services have been carried out throughout different regions of Phuket province. Appropriate statistical methods have been applied to discover the factors that influence satisfaction on the services provided by the regional government.


Factors that affect the satisfaction and perception of public services are revealed.


  • Local authorities can use the information from our study to improve their services.


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